Dems And Media Who Mocked Trump For Saying ‘Border Crisis’ Suddenly Saying The Same Thing (VIDEO)

This is just so typical. Trump says something that is true, and gets mocked by Democrats and their allies in media for saying it.

Then, weeks or months later, the same people start saying the exact same thing Trump has been saying, but never admit that they once mocked Trump for saying it.

The Washington Free Beacon has done an outstanding job of pointing out this hypocrisy:

Media, Dems Shift From ‘Manufactured Crisis’ to ‘Crisis’ at Border

Leading media personalities and top Democratic officials have gone from saying there was no crisis at the southern border to saying there is one in just a few short months.

Hosts on CNN and MSNBC like Joe Scarborough, Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, Nicolle Wallace and others went along with Democratic talking points earlier this year that the Trump administration had manufactured a crisis at the border to secure wall funding.

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Illegal crossings have increased since then, but the situation at the border has been untenable for years. Now with increased reporting on poor conditions at border detention facilities for children, the situation has again been deemed a “crisis.”

“He’s lied so much about the realities of what he’s calling a crisis,” Cuomo said in January.

Then this month, he told CNN’s Anderson Cooper he hadn’t seen a “crisis” as “openly understood and ignored” as the situation at the border.

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Watch the video:

Just take a look at the headline below. Such hypocrisy.

This is CNN yesterday:

The crisis at the US-Mexico border

What you need to know about the crisis at the US-Mexico border

A disturbing photo showing two migrants who drowned traveling to the US sparked a day of reaction and debate in Washington and around the country.

Our live coverage is ending, but here’s what you need to know:

– The crisis at the border: A shocking picture taken at the US-Mexico border showed a father and his daughter lying face down in the Rio Grande. They left El Salvador with family on April 3rd seeking a better life in Dallas, Texas, according to family members.

– Disagreement in Congress: The House and Senate passed two versions of a border funding bill. They are expected to meet in a conference committee to reconcile the bills — but Republican Senate leaders have said they won’t negotiate with House Democrats, essentially daring the House to take or leave the Senate bill.

Has anyone at CNN asked Don Lemon why he used to say this was a lie?


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