Dershowitz: Trump Payments “Not The Kind Of High Crime” For Impeachment

Professor Alan Dershowitz is amazing. He is a liberal, but he cares about the rule of law. He is one of the few people regularly featured on news programs who tells the truth about what is happening right now.

He writes at The Hill:

Did President Trump violate campaign finance laws?

Ever since the news broke that Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to finance laws and swore that candidate Donald Trump directed him to do so, I have been reviewing the morass of rules and laws that govern campaign finance. I have been teaching and practicing criminal law for more than a half century, and yet, I have to acknowledge that I am having difficulty understanding the laws as they relate to the allegations made by Cohen against President Trump.

A few things are clear. A candidate is free to contribute to his or her own campaign. It also is not criminal for a candidate to pay hush money to women whose disclosures might endanger his campaign. So if candidate Trump paid hush money to his two accusers, there would be no violation of any campaign or other laws. To be sure, if he did so for the purpose of helping his campaign – as distinguished from helping his marriage – his campaign would have to disclose any such contribution, and failure to do so might be a violation of a campaign law, but the payments themselves would be entirely lawful….

As the record now stands, Donald Trump appears to be guilty of political sins, but not federal felonies or impeachable offenses.

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Democrats and the media have one goal – to remove Trump from office at any cost. That’s why so many Liberals can’t stand Dershowitz. He keeps reminding them they don’t have any basis for doing so.


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