Desperate Democrats In Virginia Try To Pose As Racist Supporters Of Republican Glenn Youngkin

Republican Glenn Youngkin is surging in the race for governor of Virginia. Democrat Terry McAuliffe is sinking fast and his supporters are getting desperate.

On Friday morning, a small group of people dressed up as white nationalists with tiki torches posed in front of Glenn Youngkin’s campaign bus. They were quickly identified as Democrat activists.

The move looks absolutely pathetic.

Townhall reports:

False Flag: Did Dems Pose As White Nationalists ‘Supporting’ Glenn Youngkin?

Do we know for an ironclad fact that these people are Democratic activists and supporters pulling a ham-fisted, glaringly obvious dirty trick attempt to smear Glenn Youngkin? Not yet. But I’d bet a hefty sum of money that’s what’s happening here. They’re dressed identically. They’re carrying tiki torches — a la Charlottesville — in the rain. The torches look like they were just purchased at the dollar store. And one of the “white nationalists” crashing a Youngkin event to “support him” is, um, a black guy…

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Right on cue, a top McAuliffe aide blasted out the tweet, treating the stunt as if it were genuine, and as if there isn’t a 99 percent likelihood that this crew isn’t comprised of McAuliffe supporters…

Just look at this ridiculous display:

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These people were identified pretty quickly.

These are the actions of people who know they’re losing. It’s pathetic and sad.


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