Desperate Michelle Obama LIES About Left Wing Violence, Falsely Accuses Trump Of Racism (VIDEO)

The Democrats must be very worried, because they just hauled out Michelle Obama to accuse Trump of racism and lie about the violence of left wing riots over the past several months.

Have you watched Black Lives Matter and Antifa act out violently in various cities around the United States since the beginning of the summer?

Michelle Obama says it just didn’t happen, and even if it did, it didn’t happen very much.

Red State has details:

Michelle Obama Tries to Convince Americans They Really Aren’t Seeing the Violent Riots They’re Seeing

Americans really need to make Democrats pay a price at the ballot box for how they have fanned the flames of violence from radical leftists like the BLM and Antifa.

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Democrats have not only failed to address the riots that has plagued cities across the country including Seattle, Minneapolis, Louisville and Portland but they’ve even denied its very existence.

Joe Biden has denied Antifa even exists, calling it just an “idea.” That will come as a surprise to all the people that have been hurt by this “idea” by a an organized group of real, physical people.

Now, Michelle Obama, in a speech trying to encourage people to vote for Biden, has just basically denied the BLM riots, claiming that “only a tiny fraction have had any violence at all” and that President Donald Trump is “racist” for being concerned about how they have hurt Americans, including many black Americans.

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Only a tiny fraction had any at all? Um, you do know we can actually see all the videos, right? That there were in excess of 30 people killed during these riots and BLM violence.

Check out the video below:

Some clever people on Twitter have offered slightly revised versions of the video, changed for accuracy:

This video from Michelle does not do the job Democrats think it does.

It makes it look like they are denying reality.


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