Devin Nunes Slams The Media At Hearing: ‘Puppets for the Democratic Party’ (VIDEO)

Devin Nunes used his opening statement at the impeachment inquiry on Tuesday to slam the media.

He pointed out that it has come to the point where the media is marching in lockstep with the Democrats.

Whatever the Democrats want, so does the media. Whatever Democrats don’t like, the media agrees.

It’s so obvious, and it was excellent that Nunes used this opportunity to point it out.

Here’s a partial transcript, via FOX News:

I’d like to address a few brief words to the American people watching at home.If you watched the impeachment hearings last week, you may have noticed a disconnect betweenwhat you actually saw and the mainstream media accounts describing it.

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What you saw were three diplomats, who dislike the President’s Ukraine policy, discussing second-hand and third-handconversations about their objections.

Meanwhile, they admitted they had not talked to the president about these matters, and they were unable to identify any crime or impeachable offense the President committed. But what you read in the press were accounts of shocking, damning, and explosive testimony that fully supports the Democrats’ accusations.

If these accounts have a familiar ring, it’s because this is the same preposterous reporting the media offered for three years on the Russia hoax…

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There was no objectivity or fairness in the media’s Russia stories — just a fevered rush to tarnish andremove a president who refuses to pretend that the media are something different than what theyreally are — puppets of the Democratic Party.

With their biased misreporting on the Russia hoax, the media lost the confidence of millions of Americans. And because they refused to acknowledge how badly they botched the story, they’ve learned no lessons and simply expect Americans will believe them as they try to stoke yet another partisan frenzy.

Watch the video below:

Nunes got this absolutely correct.

It is obvious to anyone who is paying attention that the media shares the views of the Democrats on impeachment.

They have become indistinguishable from one another.


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