Diamond And Silk Slam Robert Mueller On Watters’ World: “FIRE COMEY’S HOMEY” (VIDEO)

Diamond and Silk appeared on Watters’ World this weekend to discuss Trump, Russia, the media and more. One particularly hilarious moment came when Watters brought up Robert Mueller.

Here’s how it went:

Watters: Your prediction? On this Mueller investigation? Everything gonna be OK or are we gonna see some problems?

Diamond: I really wish the President would fire Mueller.

Silk: Fire him.

Diamond: Because that’s Comey’s homey. Fire him immediately.

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Watters: Fire Comey’s homey?

Diamond and Silk: Fire him.

Watters: That could get Trump in even more trouble though, so you guys think that’s a good idea?

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Diamond: How will it get him in trouble? They are about to pull a fast one, a witch hunt. They’re doing like some of these… We have some nasty prosecutors that do stuff like this and so we gotta stop this here. Do not do this to our President and do not try to undermine this administration.

Watch the whole segment below:

Diamond and Silk make an excellent point here. Many experts have said that Mueller is on a witch hunt. Basically, that this is an investigation in search of a crime.

He’s also surrounding himself with Hillary donors which is beyond ridiculous. How are people supposed to believe the investigation is in any way objective?


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