Dianne Feinstein Admits She Criticizes Trump For Immigration Issues She Ignored Under Obama (VIDEO)

Like most Democrats, Senator Dianne Feinstein is very critical of Trump on immigration issues which she didn’t complain about under Obama. She was basically forced to admit this on State of the Union this weekend.

Here’s a transcript via CNN:

TAPPER: A lot of Democrats are expressing outrage about how Trump is treating undocumented immigrants.

We saw this photo making the rounds on social media, Los Angeles Mayor, former Mayor Villaraigosa tweeted it out.

It is actually from — it is undocumented children in a holding cell, but it is actually from 2014, when President Obama was president.

There were a lot of things done to undocumented immigrants that the immigration — the immigrant community was very upset about during the Obama years that Democrats didn’t seem as outspoken about.

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What do you say to people who say, where was all this activism during the Obama years?

FEINSTEIN: I don’t believe that it was nearly to the extent that it is today.

And, candidly, I didn’t really know enough about it at that time to focus on it. I do know enough about it now. We have had a hearing in the Judiciary Committee. We did have testimony.

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I know that at least 50 children a day are taken from their parents. And the thing is, they are taken, and no one knows what happens to them. Their parents don’t know how to find them. And you have now the first person, one of the fathers, that died in jail.

Watch the video:

Do Democrats not realize that the American people see right through their hypocrisy?


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