Hillary Gives “Liar’s Dodge” When Asked About Her Health By Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

Hillary Kimmell

Hillary Clinton was recently on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and the host brought up the issue of concern over her health. What was most interesting is what she didn’t say.

The Business Insider has a partial transcript:

Clinton responds to health questions: I feel like the campaign ‘has entered an alternate universe’

Hillary Clinton on Monday night laughed off Donald Trump’s attempts to raise questions about her health.

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Appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the Democratic presidential nominee said recent suggestions by high-profile Trump supporters that she may be ill were just a sign of a desperate campaign strategy.

“This has become one of their themes. Here, take my pulse while I’m talking to you. Make sure I’m alive,” Clinton joked.

What Business Insider left out was Kimmel’s direct question of: Are you in good health?

She never answers his question.


Hat tip to Scott Adams who caught the sleight of hand:

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