Did You Notice Biden Stealing Some Of Trump’s Ideas In His SOTU Speech?

When he wasn’t slurring his words at the SOTU on Tuesday night, you may have noticed that Biden sounded a little bit like Trump.

He touted a plan to buy American. He wants to refund the police.

Where do you suppose he got those ideas?

Kristin Tate writes at The Hill:

Biden injects Trumpism into SOTU to save Democrats’ midterm chances

Take off the masks! Fund the police! Make our cities safe again! Bring back American manufacturing! At many points, President Biden’s State of the Union address sounded like a Donald Trump rally. And yet, all these calls to action represent the opposite of the radical left-wing policies that Biden and his party have embraced during recent years — policies that have caused the dismal current state of the union.

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Polls show Biden in trouble with just about every constituency besides his far left-wing base. Currently the president’s approval rating is an abysmal 37 percent. Minorities, blue-collar workers, and independents are all abandoning Biden in droves. These voters feel increasingly alienated by today’s Democratic Party. Oppressive COVID mandates, the demonization of law enforcement, a growing tolerance for violent crime, and consistently reckless government spending have created a branding disaster for Democrats.

Biden’s team understands that the party must fix its image — and fast. The State of the Union address offered a chance to attempt to reset the party’s identity before November’s midterm elections, and to convince voters that there’s still a place under the blue tent for working-class families.

People noticed.

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This is all about trying to save the Democrats in the midterms.

It’s not going to work.


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