Dinesh D’Souza Says America No Longer The Freest Country In The World (AUDIO)

It’s amazing how quickly the Democrats have changed the political landscape of America in such a short time.

In just a matter of two months, people are genuinely concerned about our free speech rights, gun rights and more.

Conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza suggested during a recent interview that America is already no longer the freest country in the world.

Just The News reports:

Dinesh D’Souza: America is no longer the freest country in the world

American freedom is no longer what is once was, producer and author Dinesh D’Souza said as he compared the U.S. to other countries.

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When asked about cancel culture, D’Souza told the John Solomon Reports podcast, “it suddenly occurred to me that we’re really no longer living, at least in terms of some of our basic civil liberties, in a free country.”

“This is a startling thing for someone like me as an immigrant to say,” D’Souza added. “But it suddenly dawned on me that, you know, we always think of America as like, the freest country in the world. And it occurs to me that when we objectively look at it now, we’d have to say that we’re kind of in the middle. There are many, many countries much freer than we are. Now, there are countries that are less free than we are, as well. But the very fact that we are in the middle hits me with a kind of a shock, and trying to make sense of it.”

D’Souza explained why he thought America has reached this low point in defending civil liberties.

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“Is it the case, one possibility, is that the people who are supposed to be liberal have all turned out to be illiberal? In other words, we thought that they were liberals in the sense that they vote – wanted higher taxes, and they wanted a big welfare state,” D’Souza said.

Listen to the podcast below:

Our freedoms are so precious. We need to get back to a truly free America.


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