DINESH D’SOUZA: Trump Is The First Republican President To Strike Back At The Media (VIDEO)

Conservative writer and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza recently appeared on FOX News and explained that one of the reasons the media can’t handle Trump is because he’s the first Republican President to hit back at them.

Here’s a partial transcript via CNS News:

Guilfoyle: “What do you make of this? The recent jab that the president took at CNN on Twitter, the memes that he put out and this comes on the heels of them having to fire three of their reporters, apologize, a retraction, and then now the Harvard study showing just how biased that their stories have been over the course of time that they did that analysis?

D’Souza: “I think CNN and much of the national media is very dismayed, because Trump is the first Republican president to strike directly back at the media.

“Previous Republicans have either ducked or tried to ignore the media. Even Reagan, in his avuncular fashion, tried to go over the heads of the media, but he never confronted the media with the same gladiatorial directness as Trump.

“I think with Trump, he’s a cultural warrior, he’s fighting, not just on the political, but on the cultural front. He knows how to get at these guys. He’s very good at it.

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“The reason they’re upset is not because he’s ineffective, it’s because he’s so effective.

Watch the video:

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D’Souza hit it out of the park here. He’s 100 percent correct.


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