DISGUSTING: Rhode Island Democrat Compares Female Trump Nominee To A Horse (VIDEO)

Remember when Democrats claimed Republicans were waging a war on women? Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse doesn’t. He recently compared one of Trump’s female nominees to a horse. It was an incredibly insulting comment.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Democrat Compares Female Trump Nominee to a Horse

Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (R.I.) compared Trump administration nominee Kathleen Hartnett White to a horse before members of the Environment and Public Works Committee.

The committee voted to confirm White’s nomination to lead the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality, Wednesday. During a business meeting prior to the party-line vote, Whitehouse likened White to the ancient Roman emperor Caligula’s horse.

“There is a popular legend of the Emperor Caligula appointing his horse to the Roman Senate,” Whitehouse said. “Had he done that, it would have raised important questions, but the real questions would not have been about the horse. The horse was just a horse. The real questions would have been about the power of the Emperor Caligula and the spine of the Roman Senate. Discussing the merits of the horse would be pointless.”

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“Approving this nominee for CEQ would be so preposterous that it would be like appointing Caligula’s horse, in that the real question becomes about the power of our fossil fuel emperors and the spine of the Senate,” he said. “This is a moment in which the Senate takes its own measure. I guess we’re about to see the answer.”

Watch the video:

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Have you seen this reported anywhere in the mainstream media? Neither have we.


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