DNC Chair Candidate Dodges Question THREE TIMES When Asked If Dem Primary Was Rigged (VIDEO)

Tom Perez is one of the leading candidates to take over as chair of the DNC. During a debate on CNN this week, he was asked if the Democratic primary in 2016 was rigged. He dodged the question three times.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Tom Perez Dodges Question 3 Times When Asked if Dem Primary Was Rigged

Cuomo asked Perez about his recent claim that the Democratic Party worked against Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I., Vt.) presidential bid.

“Secretary Perez, recently you said that the primary was rigged against Bernie Sanders. Later the same day you said you misspoke when you made those comments. Which is it?” Cuomo asked.

“Well, you know, here are the facts,” Perez said. “Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary. Hillary Clinton also won the popular vote. At the same time, because of the absence of transparency in the Democratic primary, there was a crisis of trust that ensued. And what we need in the chair of the Democratic Party is to make sure that in fact, and in perception, every single day, you are fair and neutral. That’s why when you asked a question before about primaries, you have to let that primary process go.”

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“If I were the chair–if I have the privilege of winning, for instance, one of the things I would recommend would be that we set the primary debate schedule long in advance of when we know who the candidates are,” Perez continued. “We have to do everything to make sure we’re fair and transparent. And it’s not only in how we set the primary process; the DNC is black hole. And we have a crisis of confidence because it is. And that’s why the leader of the DNC needs to make sure–”

“Hold on a second. Secretary, 10 seconds, was it rigged or not?” Cuomo interjected.

Watch the video:

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The American people know the truth.

The Democrat primary was totally rigged.


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