DNC Chair Tom Perez Accidentally Admits Illegal Immigrants Vote (VIDEO)

DNC Chair Tom Perez recently appeared on MSNBC and was talking about the citizenship question being added to the census. He called it a form of voter suppression. In doing so, he is admitting that illegal immigrants vote and also showing that Democrats count on those votes to win elections.

Here’s the transcript via Real Clear Politics:

TUR: Good. Senator Jim Inhofe says this is all about accurately assessing the number of citizens. Shouldn’t the government have the ability to know who is inside this country?

PEREZ: I agree that accuracy accounts, and the census is the constitutionally mandated requirement that you count the number of persons in the United States, not the number of citizens. The census is not a political tool for hyper-partisan activity and that’s exactly what the Trump administration is trying to do.

It is wrong to do this. And you know what? When I hear the voting rights justification used to say this is why we need to do this, as someone who enforce the Voting Rights Act at the Justice Department for a number of years, the Voting Rights Act does not require this.

And frankly, it is insulting to the people who gave their lives in the passage of the Voting Rights Act to use the Voting Rights Act as a perverse justification for voter suppression…

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Watch the video:

If illegals can’t vote legally, how are their votes being suppressed?

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You can’t have it both ways, Tom.


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