DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison Calls For A ‘Maximum Wage’ (AUDIO)

This should tell you everything you need to know about today’s Democrats. Keith Ellison, the deputy chair of the DNC, wants a maximum wage. In other words, he wants a limit placed on how much money people can make. Have you ever heard of anything so purely un-American?

The Daily Caller reports:

Dem Rep. Keith Ellison Supports Maximum Wage

Democratic National Committee vice chair Keith Ellison said in a recent interview that he believes there should be a “maximum wage” in the United States.

An interviewer asked Ellison about a “joke” he made about a maximum wage, but Ellison insisted that he was being serious about the idea.

A maximum wage would presumably be achieved by taxing any earnings over a certain amount at 100 percent.

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“No, no, no, I didn’t make a joke about maximum wage, I made a statement about maximum wage,” the Minnesota congressman said.

“What I’m saying is … If you were to say, ‘Look, if you make more than 20 times more than the people who actually make the products and do the services of your company,’ then we’re going to tax you more.”

Listen to the audio:

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Democrats have gone so far left they are off the rails. It’s amazing how out of step they are with average Americans.


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