DNC LEAK: US Postal Service, Treasury Dept Gave Thousands To Democratic National Committee

Debbie Wasserman Schultz screenshot

Correction: This American Lookout report incorrectly stated that the US Postal Service contributed thousands of dollars to the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

This letter was sent to American Lookout by the US Postal Service:

Here is how it works: Businesses often offer responders the opportunity to place a stamp on a Business Reply Envelope but also offer to pay their postage if it will help them to respond. You may have seen the words “no postage necessary” on various mail pieces you’ve received. If the responder does put a stamp on the business reply envelope, the organization and the sender both end up paying for the same mail piece; thus a refund is given back to the business. This is simply a business transaction and it is NOT a donation.

The original story published here was inaccurate.


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