Don Lemon Defends Joe Biden Saying We Don’t Know If We Left Americans Behind In Afghanistan (VIDEO)

Don Lemon is continuing his role as one of the most dishonest people in cable news.

We know that Americans were left behind in Afghanistan. The Biden administration is saying maybe a couple hundred, but some people are estimating the number to be much higher.

But CNN’s Don Lemon is rushing to Biden’s defense, because of course he is.

FOX News reports:

Don Lemon: ‘Stop beating up’ on Biden admin over Afghanistan, ‘We don’t know’ if we left Americans behind

CNN anchor Don Lemon offered a full-throated defense for the Biden administration amid the fallout of the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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During his nightly handoff with his primetime colleague Chris Cuomo, Lemon conceded that “many people didn’t agree” with “the way” the withdrawal was handled, but quickly suggested such critics should move on, asking “how do we move forward from here?”

“I think that you also have to look at the number, again, the number of people they got out… I think you have to give them some credit for No. 1, getting out and No. 2, getting as many people out as possible,” Lemon told Cuomo.

The liberal anchor then blamed the stranded Americans for not having left Afghanistan earlier, saying “we do have to remember, there are people who went there and were told they needed to leave and they didn’t leave,” but adding “we should still help them get out.”

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“I think people should stop beating up on the administration so much because no matter how it ended, everyone wasn’t going to be happy with the way it ended,” Lemon argued. “So if there’s any silver lining in this, it’s going to be what happens going forward.

Here are the videos:

Don Lemon would never have given Trump the benefit of the doubt like this.

You know it and so does he.


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