Donald Trump is Running Presidential Circles Around Tired Hillary Clinton

Trump in Mexico

Donald Trump went to Louisiana to see the flood damage and talk with the people who are being affected by the disaster, Hillary Clinton was missing in action and still hasn’t visited.

Donald Trump went to Wisconsin during the Milwaukee riots and addressed the African American community. Hillary Clinton was nowhere to be found.

The President of Mexico invited both Hillary and Trump to visit and only Trump went.

The Daily Wire notes that the Mexico visit made Trump look presidential:

Trump’s Big Win: Mexico Face-To-Face Leaves Trump Looking Stable And Presidential

Traveling to Mexico for a brief tete-a-tete with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on Wednesday, Donald Trump had a low threshold for success: don’t humiliate yourself, don’t let Nieto humiliate you, and don’t back down from your central arguments.

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Trump passed that threshold with flying colors. In the process, he looked the most presidential he has the entire election cycle.

That meant abandoning his Trumpian persona. Yes, Trump’s energy level was Jeb!-esque, almost churlishly anti-enthused. But for Trump, this passes for sobriety. Yes, Trump completely abandoned talk about making Mexico pay for his famed Great Wall of Trumpia. But for Trump, that passes for diplomacy.

Trump got what he needed: a compliant performance from Nieto. Nieto spelled out his policy differences with Trump, even as Trump stood next to him looking deeply bored: Nieto complained of America’s drug demand and the flow of weapons south from the United States, he reinforced that it was a Mexican priority to protect Mexicans living in the United States, and he pointed out that net immigration from Mexico has been negative. He also stood up for NAFTA.

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Hillary Clinton is sitting on her rear end waiting to be handed the presidency.

Donald Trump is working hard to assure the American people he wants the job and deserves it.

The difference between the two couldn’t be greater.



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