Doxxing Democrat Had Cocaine And Meth, May Have Been High On Capitol Hill

The Democrat staffer who doxxed three Republican senators during the Kavanaugh hearings was held without bail today. One of the reasons for that may have been what police found among his belongings, such as hard drugs.

The Washington Times reports:

Democratic staffer held without bond in Senate ‘doxxing’ case

Jackson Cosko, the former Democratic staffer accused of “doxxing” Republican senators by leaking their personal information was ordered held without bond Tuesday, with the judge saying he posed a risk to the community.

Prosecutors revealed investigators found cocaine and methamphetamine during a search of his things, and speculated he may have been under the influence when, according to police, he used his government credentials to post personal information of some lawmakers, and broke into a senator’s office while threatening to release other information.

Those threats seemed to worry Magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson, who ordered him held without bond, rejecting his lawyers’ please that he be released on strict conditions.

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Even an offer of having him turned over to his parents, with orders to stay away from electronic devices and wear an ankle bracelet, weren’t enough to sway Judge Robinson.

Police said Mr. Cosko released personal addresses and phone numbers of Sen. Mike Lee and several other Republican senators, all of them major figures in the confirmation battle over Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

This young man is in a world of trouble. Frankly, he’ll be lucky to stay out of jail.


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