Dr. Ben Carson On Unlawful Eviction Moratorium: ‘We’ve Reached A Stage That Is Very Dangerous’ (VIDEO)

The Center for Disease Control recently extended the eviction moratorium. Not the White House, not the Congress, not any elected official. The CDC did it.

The Biden administration approved, knowing it was wrong. The Squad and the liberal media cheered, even though they know it’s wrong too.

Dr. Ben Carson recently appeared on FOX News and offered a warning about this.

He said we’re getting into dangerous territory, and he’s right.

Here’s a partial transcript, via CNS News:

“My concern is we are a country that is of, for, and by the people.

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“And, the reason that people came here in the first place is because they didn’t want the heavy foot of government on their neck.

“And, now, we have a situation where the government is insinuating itself into everything, including the relationships between renters and landlords.

“And, when the moratorium was put in place, we had a very different situation than we have right now. We didn’t have a vaccine. It was really uncharted water, and the last thing we wanted was people out there with this disease raging.

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“The disease largely under control now. There are lots of jobs available for people. We don’t want to create a permanent underclass that is dependent upon the government.”…

“And, the fact that the Supreme Court has ruled that this is beyond the purview of the Executive Branch – and they want to do it, anyway – tells us that we’ve reached a stage that is very dangerous in this country.

“If the federal government is saying, ‘It may be illegal, but we’re doing it, anyway, and who’s going to stop us?’ isn’t that leading us to a place that we don’t want to be?”

Watch the video:

Just try to imagine the reaction from Democrats and the media, if Trump had defied the Supreme Court in the way Biden and the CDC just did.

It would be treated as the end of Democracy. A crime on the level of treason.

But Biden gets a pass.


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