DUMPSTER FIRE: Watch CNN’s Worst Moments Of 2018 (VIDEO)

2018 was an awful year for CNN. Their ratings dropped significantly and it’s easy to see why. They have basically become no different than social justice warriors on a college campus. There were so many horrible moments over the last year.

The Daily Caller has details:


CNN kicked off the year in style by having anchors Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon get wasted in a New Orleans bar on New Year’s Eve. Fellow reporter Randi Kaye, meanwhile, was in Colorado worrying about getting a “contact high” on a party bus filled with pot-smokers.

The nonsense continued through February when CNN sent a reporter to the home of an elderly woman who unwittingly shared pro-Trump Facebook posts that were created by Russian trolls. After CNN aired the video of their reporter confronting the woman, she was exposed to vicious and constant online harassment and threats.

Viewers demanded an apology from the network in November after anchor Don Lemon called white men the “biggest terror threat” in the country and pondered why there isn’t a travel ban on white guys.

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And who could forget a CNN reporter literally dumpster diving for evidence of Russian collusion outside of the office of a Russian “troll farm” in St. Petersburg?

No one was safe from CNN’s divisive rhetoric about Trump supporters, not even superstar rapper Kanye West. He was maligned as a “token negro” and a panel of CNN guests laughed as they mocked his intellect and offered to “trade” him in the “racial draft.”

Here’s the video:

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What a train wreck.


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