EATING CROW: John Brennan Now Says He Is ‘Relieved’ There Was No Russian Collusion (VIDEO)

Few people on the left have been more contemptible than former CIA director John Brennan, when it came to the Mueller Investigation. Just a few weeks ago, he was still predicting indictments for Trump and members of his team.

Now, he is wiping egg off of his face. He appeared on MCNBC on Monday morning and was singing a very different tune.

Hot Air reports:

Brennan: Hey, I May Have Been Wrong About Russia Collusion After All

Just remember that this man ran intelligence efforts for the US. For two years, former CIA director John Brennan appeared on media outlets, most prominently MSNBC, and insinuating that he had inside knowledge about Donald Trump’s collusion with the Russians. Now that Robert Mueller has exonerated Trump on collusion, Brennan now says that, er … he must have gotten out a little over his skis:

Oopsie! His bad. The egg on Brennan’s face looks similar to that on any number of pundit faces after this weekend. Pundits get paid to opine, however, and that involves batting averages, for better or worse. (In this case, almost entirely worse.)

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Brennan’s case is much different, however. He didn’t just represent himself as an analyst — Brennan represented himself as an insider with inside knowledge of the case. And media outlets, again mainly MSNBC, slurped that misinformation-as-truth down enthusiastically.

Watch the video below:

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Remember, this man called President Trump a traitor.

Townhall reports:

John Brennan Tries to Explain: It’s Not My Fault I Called Trump a Russian Traitor, I Got Bad Information

Former CIA Director John Brennan is doing his best to explain why he perpetuated a hoax about collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia for the past two years. He isn’t doing a very good job, however.

He tweeted this just five days ago:

This man should not be welcomed on news programs anymore. He has done damage to the country and he needs to be held accountable.


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