Ebony Editor: Shooting of White Police Officers Shouldn’t Be Called Hate Crime (VIDEO)


Here’s another instance of a person, Ebony Editor Jamilah Lemieux, using the Dallas shooting to worsen the racial divide and justify the killing of police officers based on their race. Bravo to former FBI Agent Steven Moore for calling out the comments as racist.

Watch the video:

Amazing! Even when the murderer writes down his reasons, apologists and, I dare say, racists like Lemieux will try and justify the murderer’s actions.  This is the height of hypocrisy. Quite frankly, Ms. Lemieux, nobody cares what you are comfortable with at this point.  How about dealing with the facts. Isn’t this the same behavior that you accuse the “white dominated” justice system of doing to blacks e.g. finding justification for heinous acts when the actual truth is clear?

Unfortunately, Ms. Lemieux’s comments are parroting our illustrious President’s comments after the shooting. (Video: Obama Says ‘It’s Very Hard To Untangle’ Dallas Shooter’s Motives) And, it was followed up by his Homeland Security stooge, Jeh Johnson.  (Video: DHS Secretary: ‘It’s Still Relatively Early’ To Call Dallas Attack A Hate Crime) So, President Obama pushed the incredibly stupid narrative that brought out all the race-baiters, apologists and social justice lunatics, like Ms. Lemieux.

America’s racial divide will never ever be solved when the all the problems of one or many races are blamed on the whole of another. Hence the need for Americans like Steve Moore who responded to Lemieux’s lunacy with the real truth of the shooting being labeled a hate crime based on the evidence found.

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As reported by The Daily Caller:

“What you’re doing here is saying that the actual truth of the matter is that hate crimes are defined as a crime against a specific race, doesn’t list them, gender, gender preference group or membership in an organization. That’s how it’s defined. You can’t just say if you’re white, nobody can commit a hate crime against you. And this guy said I’m doing it because you’re white and I’m doing it because you’re cops. That’s race and that’s organization. It’s a hate crime as far as legally and it’s a hate crime the way the FBI would investigate it.”

In the wake of the Dallas shooting, police chief David Brown said the shooter, Micah Xavier Johnson told police his motivation for the attack was that he was “upset about Black Lives Matter” and “wanted to kill white people,” especially white police officers.

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America needs more of the truth, not more crazy, stupid lies from the President or his minions.

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