Ed Rollins: Race Is Tipping Toward Trump, “VERY MUCH LIKE REAGAN IN 1980” (VIDEO)

Ed Rollins was Ronald Reagan’s campaign manager. He’s seeing something in the Trump campaign that he saw in Reagan’s campaign. 

Rollins sat down with Peter Doocy of Fox and Friends to discuss.


From the video:

Peter Doocy: “What did you think Donald Trump’s chances were two weeks ago?”

Ed Rollins: “Not anywhere near as good as they do today. I thought at that time it was possible but not probably. Today, it’s very, very possible.”

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Peter Doocy: “What changed?” 

Ed Rollins: “Well, it started out as Marquis of Queensbury rules, with boxing gloves. It’s basically moved now to baseball bats and rocks and stones. And he’s a much better streetfighter. And equally important, she’s a woman that two-thirds of the country doesn’t think is honest.”

And later:

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Ed Rollins: “The momentum is coming to him. I think people are going to make up their minds this weekend – those that haven’t already. And I think it could tip to him. Very much like Reagan in 1980.

The momentum is with Trump!

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