Editors of Washington Post: Stop Talking About Hillary’s Emails!

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The Washington Post once cared about political investigations and corruption. It was the paper that famously brought down Richard Nixon with their Watergate investigation.

Those days are over.

Now the Washington Post wants to cover for corrupt politicians like Hillary Clinton.

How else is anyone supposed to interpret this editorial?

The Hillary Clinton email story is out of control

JUDGING BY the amount of time NBC’s Matt Lauer spent pressing Hillary Clinton on her emails during Wednesday’s national security presidential forum, one would think that her homebrew server was one of the most important issues facing the country this election. It is not. There are a thousand other substantive issues — from China’s aggressive moves in the South China Sea to National Security Agency intelligence-gathering to military spending — that would have revealed more about what the candidates know and how they would govern. Instead, these did not even get mentioned in the first of 5½ precious prime-time hours the two candidates will share before Election Day, while emails took up a third of Ms. Clinton’s time.

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Sadly, Mr. Lauer’s widely panned handling of the candidate forum was not an aberration. Judging by polls showing that voters trust Donald Trump more than Ms. Clinton, as well as other evidence, it reflects a common shorthand for this election articulated by NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick last week: “You have Donald Trump, who’s openly racist,” he said. Then, of Ms. Clinton: “I mean, we have a presidential candidate who’s deleted emails and done things illegally and is a presidential candidate. That doesn’t make sense to me, because if that was any other person, you’d be in prison.”

In fact, Ms. Clinton’s emails have endured much more scrutiny than an ordinary person’s would have, and the criminal case against her was so thin that charging her would have been to treat her very differently. Ironically, even as the email issue consumed so much precious airtime, several pieces of news reported Wednesday should have taken some steam out of the story. First is a memo FBI Director James B. Comey sent to his staff explaining that the decision not to recommend charging Ms. Clinton was “not a cliff-hanger” and that people “chest-beating” and second-guessing the FBI do not know what they are talking about. Anyone who claims that Ms. Clinton should be in prison accuses, without evidence, the FBI of corruption or flagrant incompetence.

Heat Street thinks it might know what this is really all about…

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Enough About Hillary’s Emails, Says Paper Owned by Clinton Foundation Donor

Public interest in the Hillary Clinton email scandal is “out of control,” according to the Washington Post, a newspaper owned by billionaire Clinton Foundation donor Jeff Bezos.

The Post editorial board notes that Hillary’s emails “have endured much more scrutiny than an ordinary person’s would have,” which is correct in the sense that most ordinary people do not run for president after serving as secretary of state.

Bezos, who bought the Washington Post in 2013, has donated mostly to Democratic politicians, and has donated to the Clinton Foundation through the Bezos Family Foundation.

The company Bezos founded, Amazon, also got a sweet $16.5 million contract from the Hillary Clinton’s State Department in 2012 to provide Kindle readers for U.S.-sponsored educational centers around the world.

No conflict of interest there, huh?

How far a once mighty paper has fallen.


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