Elizabeth Warren Struggling To Gain Support From Black Voters

If you’ve ever been to an Elizabeth Warren event or have seen one on TV, you probably noticed that the crowd is usually overwhelmingly white.

Warren’s campaign has noticed this too, and they’re making efforts to reach out but it’s not clear if it’s working.

This report from Politico is enlightening:

Her plan, described by a half-dozen black activists and movement leaders who’ve been contacted by Warren personally as well as her own campaign aides, is a mix of one-on-one outreach to black political leaders when no one’s watching, and a deliberate focus on racial justice woven throughout her policy proposals.

Above all, Warren is determined to outwork her opponents and to demonstrate to skeptical African American voters that she will fight for them in the White House.

“For grassroots activists especially, to get a personal call, it’s a rare thing to happen but when it does people take note,” said the Rev. Leah Daughtry, a Democratic political strategist who co-authored the book “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Politics.” “The personal outreach is really remarkable in my opinion, and it’s a testament not just to her but to the team she’s built really pointing her in the right direction.”

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It’s unclear whether it will be enough. Warren’s relatively weak standing among black voters is one of the biggest questions hanging over her candidacy. It’s almost impossible to win the nomination without significant black support, especially in the South. In 2016, it was Bernie Sanders’ undoing even as he gained traction with young black voters.

Polls so far tend to show Warren doing better with white voters than black voters.

Of course, the media will try to help Warren with this in any way they can. See below.

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Essence, a magazine aimed at black women, just published an op-ed by Warren:

Elizabeth Warren On Valuing Black Women

This week thousands of Black women from around the world will meet in New Orleans for a week of entertainment, empowerment, and community. For 25 years, Essence Fest has been a great party with a purpose and I am deeply grateful for the chance to share my story and vision for America on Saturday with thousands of Black women.

I’ve spent my career getting to the bottom of one urgent question: why America’s promise works for some, but others who work just as hard slip through the cracks into disaster. What I’ve found is terrifying: these aren’t cracks families are falling into—they are traps, deliberately laid by the wealthy and well connected.

The result? Working families today face a tougher path than my family ever did and that path is even rockier and steeper for Black women.

Have you ever seen such blatant pandering?


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