Elizabeth Warren Thinks Crossing The Border Illegally Shouldn’t Be A Criminal Offense

Almost all of the Democrats running in 2020 seem to be competing for the affection of illegal immigrants.

Elizabeth Warren recently provided the latest example of this.

She said during an interview that she doesn’t believe crossing the border illegally should be a criminal offense.

Breitbart reports:

Elizabeth Warren: Crossing the Border Illegally Should Not Be a Criminal Offense

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) does not believe it should be a criminal offense to cross the border illegally, she said during an interview with the California Nation podcast, which was posted Monday.

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While the presidential candidate hit a number of issues during the broad discussion, Section 1325 of the immigration code, which makes it a criminal offense for people to cross the border illegally, became a highlight.

“I am,” Warren said, arguing that “criminalizing” illegal entry does not make people safer.

“I think that the whole notion of criminalizing the approach to coming across the border without documentation is not making anybody any safer. We just need to be in a different position on this,” she said, downplaying the number of criminals and drug traffickers who take advantage of the porous border.

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“It’s really important on immigration that we concentrate our resources on the people who pose threats to us, and that’s not children,” she continued.

“It’s not mamas fleeing terror from gangs down in Central America. It’s not people trying to build a life who have family here,”

In other news, Warren has a problematic new hire in her campaign.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Warren Staffer Draws Criticism for Anti-Israel Tweet

A staffer for Democrat Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 presidential campaign has come under scrutiny for a recently deleted tweet stating he “would totally be friends with Hamas,” the Middle Eastern terror group that routinely murders Israeli citizens.

The staffer, Max Berger, is a veteran anti-Israel activist who has come under fire in the past for disseminating misleading and false propaganda against the Jewish state. His now-deleted 2013 tweet expressing sympathy for Hamas reemerged on the social networking site over the weekend and has prompted calls for the Warren campaign to distance itself from Berger.

What is it with Democrats hating on Israel?

They’re one of our best allies.


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