Elizabeth Warren Throws Hissy Fit After Getting Owned By Defense Secretary Nominee Mark Esper (VIDEO)

During a hearing on the nomination of Mark Esper for Secretary of Defense, Elizabeth Warren spent her time grandstanding for the cameras.

When Esper responded to her smears by reminding her of his service to America in the military, she threw a temper tantrum.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Warren Clashes With Esper Over Raytheon Work

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) aggressively questioned Secretary of Defense nominee Mark Esper Tuesday over the ethical implications of his prior lobbying for Raytheon, the defense giant with ties to Warren.

Warren, a leading 2020 presidential candidate, lit into Esper during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing over his prior Raytheon work and concluded he shouldn’t be confirmed.

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“Will you commit not to work for or get paid by any defense contractor for at least four years after your government service?” Warren asked.

“No, senator, I will not,” Esper said.

Warren accused Esper of acting in his own financial interests rather than those of the U.S., leading Esper to deliver a forceful response.

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“I went to war for this country; I served overseas for this country,” he said. “I’ve stepped down from jobs that paid me well more than what I was [making] anywhere else, and each time, it was to serve the public good and to serve the young men and women of our armed services. I think the presumption is, for some reason, anybody who comes from the business or corporate world is corrupt.”

Watch the video:

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