Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Stunt Backfires On Her And Democrats Just Before The Midterms

Elizabeth Warren thought she was so smart to take a DNA test. Not only did it not prove that she is a Native American, it took her party off message two weeks before the crucial midterm elections. This backfired badly.

ABC News reports:

Elizabeth Warren’s big reveal on Native ancestry leaves Democrats with little to smile about: ANALYSIS

There is standing up to President Trump, and then there is just playing his game.

On only a few occasions during this administration have Democrats successfully done either, and those hoping to take Trump on in 2020 will have carefully consider and navigate both.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s supporters say her the political video she released this week along with the results of a DNA test suggesting she has Native American ancestry show she is capable and willing to confront the president’s personal insults — calling her “Pocahontas” for years in reference to controversy over her heritage.

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“Senator Warren is showing Democrats how to fight back against Donald Trump, beat him at his own game, and get past silly distractions so we can focus on issues that impact working people’s lives every day,” Adam Green, the co-founder of The Progressive Change Campaign Committee, said in a statement to ABC News this week.

But some Democrats worry the senator only created a huge distraction from the issues and the midterm election, which is just three weeks away.

If Democrats lose the midterms, and they just might, lots of people on the left are going to blame Warren for it, at least in part. She made a really stupid mistake here.


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