Eric Bolling Offers To Work For Trump White House: “I’d Plug The Leaks”

Eric Bolling has been a longtime supporter of President Trump. Now he’s offering to work for him. In a few recent tweets, Bolling has declared that he could help Trump by ending the leaks in his administration. His suggestions are pretty good, too.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Eric Bolling Pitches Himself for Trump Admin Job: I’d ‘Plug the White House Leaks’

Eric Bolling, a former Fox News host, pitched himself to President Donald Trump on Thursday for a job “plugging leaks” at the White House.

The idea that Bolling might join the Trump Administration started on Twitter when the former television personality ruminated on his belief that the leaks emerging from the White House were damaging, not only to the country, but the presidency as well. Bolling suggested that if he were in the West Wing, his number one priority would boil down to establishing a culture of trust: plugging leaks, “publicly” firing “leakers,” and hiring individuals who could be trusted.

See the tweets below:

Trump should hire him, he’d be great!

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