Eric Holder Won’t Rule Out Running For Office In The Future (VIDEO)

Obama’s attorney general Eric Holder recently told Rachel Maddow that he won’t rule out running for office in the future. What will his campaign slogan be, Nation of Cowards?

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Holder Doesn’t Rule Out Running for Political Office in the Future

Maddow asked Holder, who served during the Obama administration, whether he was ever going to run for political office during his first live television interview since President Donald Trump was sworn into office.

“I don’t know. You know, I’m focused on this National Democratic Redistricting Committee. That’s the focus of all my political activities at this point,” Holder said. “I want to make sure we repel these attacks on our democracy, try to end political gerrymandering to the extent that we can.”

He went on to say he will see about future opportunities and that he will not say “no” about potentially running in the future. He added that future political ambitions are not what his main focus is right now.

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“You’re not working on the redistricting project because it’s part of a larger project in terms of you getting back into political life and then electorally?” Maddow asked.

“No. I’m not being hyperbolic here. I think our democracy is under attack, if you look at gerrymandering in the way in which we have a system where politicians are picking their voters as opposed to citizens picking their representatives,” Holder said.

Watch the video:

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Democrats would be crazy to run him for any office.


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