ESPN Lost Massive Number Of Subscribers After Spending $15 Million On Three Salaries

ESPN is paying a heavy price for their decision to push left wing politics. Not only are viewers tuning them out, their subscriber base is abandoning them at an alarming rate.

Outkick the Coverage reports:

ESPN Loses 500,000 Subscribers In April

It’s become a major trend, when tax season arrives, cable and satellite subscriber numbers tank according to Nielsen estimates. I don’t know if that’s because come spring tax season everyone looks at their yearly budgets and many people, in an effort to save money, decide they don’t need cable and satellite subscriptions any longer, or whether the end of the NFL, college football, and college basketball causes many sports fans to tune out for the summer. But regardless of the reason cord cutting in the spring has become an annual trend.

And the start of this spring was brutal for ESPN, costing the network 500,000 subscribers, or nearly 17,000 lost subscribers a day in the month of April. Putting that into context, this is $48 million in revenue that ESPN has lost forever. (That’s $8 a month x 500,000 lost subscribers x 12 months in a year).

The loss in subscribers puts ESPN down to just north of 86 million, which is a precipitous decline from the 100 million subscribers the network had as recently as the end of 2011. While the numbers of lost subscribers haven’t been as bad in the past few months, I suspect that’s because ESPN threw such a fit over last year’s numbers that Nielsen slowed down its subscriber attrition data for several months to make sure they weren’t off in their data measurements.

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The salaries being paid are ridiculous:

As if that weren’t enough the cocaine fueled John Skipper signed salaries for all three main talents: Greenberg, Beadle and Rose leaked to the Hollywood Reporter and everyone back in Bristol was blown away to find out the three hosts of this new show were going to be receiving nearly $15 million. Wait a minute, many at ESPN asked, aren’t we firing hundreds of behind the scenes people to save money and now Michelle Beadle is making $5 million a year?

Watch this video report:

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They made a horrible decision and everything they’ve done since has only made it worse!


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