Even CNN Is Starting To Admit The Midterms Look Very Good For Republicans

Over the summer, Democrats and the media were pushing a narrative about the midterms looking good for the Democrats, but it was all smoke and mirrors.

Now that the elections are only weeks away, all the polls are tightening in the favor of Republicans.

Even CNN is starting to admit that Republicans are in a good position to win.

From CNN:

Republicans hold a near-historic lead on a key midterm indicator

Sometimes you see a polling result that jumps out from the page. That was the case when I saw a recently released Gallup poll on who Americans think can better handle the issue that is most important to them.

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Put in a historical context, this poll potentially portends very good things for Republicans come November.

We’re all used to polls that ask voters which issue is most important to them. Gallup puts the question to Americans open-ended, meaning a respondent can say anything from the mundane (e.g. inflation) to the inane (e.g. clowns).

Gallup, unlike other pollsters, has another twist on that question. They follow it up by pressing respondents to answer which party they think can better handle the issue that they just named as the most important.

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Gallup’s latest data shows that 48% of Americans believe the Republican Party is best equipped, while 37% believe it is the Democratic Party.

This 11-point Republican edge is one of the best they have ever had.

When even CNN is saying this, it’s pretty clear where things are going.

Republicans can’t take anything for granted, but the midterms are looking very good right now.


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