Even CNN Staffers Are Getting Tired Of Jim Acosta

Jim Acosta of CNN has become one of the most annoying people in media. He claims to be a journalist but he’s always trying to “get” the Trump administration and it’s very boring.

It turns out that even some of his co-workers at CNN are getting sick of him.

Mediaite reports:

Senior CNN Official: Network Staffers Are ‘Grumbling’ About Jim Acosta’s Reporting

An extensive profile on Jim Acosta is suggesting that President Trump‘s team relishes their fights with the CNN reporter more than they let on, and it has been a cause of concern for some people in the network.

Over the last several months, Acosta’s profile has grown significantly due to his tough reporting on the Trump Administration and his numerous heated battles with their spokespeople. Acosta’s actions have earned him as much applause from Trump/media critics as it has disdain from those who consider him a partisan journalist who actively seeks out confrontation.

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Politico did a profile piece on the White House correspondent, and they noted that some people at CNN are not comfortable with how personal and opinionated his reporting has been at times:

From CNN’s vantage point, Acosta is standing up to a bully—both for a network that has been under attack by Trump and those who feel disenfranchised in the president’s America. But there is also a view inside the network’s newsroom that Acosta has been given the latitude, perhaps even the implicit assignment, to turn the briefing room into a personal editorial page because it is good television and reaffirms CNN’s integral role in the ongoing drama. “There’s some grumbling in the rank-and-file that this isn’t straight news,” said a senior person in the network’s newsroom. “But the higher up you go, the more people like what Jim’s doing or he wouldn’t be doing it.”

That’s actually a great description of what Acosta does. Don’t you love how CNN is described as being under attack by the Trump administration? Like they’re never the ones doing the attacking?


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