Even Liberal TV Critics Are Trashing The New Anti-Trump ‘Murphy Brown’ Reboot

The 90’s sitcom “Murphy Brown” was recently brought back but is little more than a half hour of Trump bashing. You would think the left would love that but even Liberal TV critics are calling it tired and hackish.

Hollywood in Toto has the story:


Candice Bergen’s signature character no longer has Dan Quayle in her cross hairs.

Today, Murphy Brown is another “objective” journalist obsessed with taking down President Donald Trump.

Get in line.

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The first teaser for the rebooted “Murphy Brown,” returning Thursday on CBS, suggested it’s yet another wing of TV’s “Resistance.”

And, according to early reviews, that’s precisely what viewers will get starting this week. The big surprise? Many liberal critics are scoffing at the show’s approach. An even bigger issue? The show’s unabashed sermonizing.

When even your choir rejects you, it’s a sign something is seriously wrong.

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The first episode shows how Murphy un-retires after learning Trump defeated Hillary Clinton on Election Day. The official Rolling Stone review a “crusty comeback.”

Murphy’s popular again, but mainly for picking fights with members of the Trump administration rather than for the kind of investigative journalism on which she once prided herself….

The outlet’s critic slams the “clapter” approach to comedy, noting the series scorches Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Steve Bannon and Trump in just the first three episodes.

Worse than groaners like that — or playboy Frank struggling to attract women in his old age, or Corky going through hot flashes on-air — is the sense of preachy self-importance that permeates the entire revival.

You know things are bad when even Liberals are trashing an anti-Trump show.



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