Even People Close To NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Don’t Want Him To Run For President: ‘Insane’

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio has hinted at a 2020 run for president but not many people are enthusiastic about the idea. Even some of his closest associates think it would be a bad idea.

Politico reports:

‘F—ing insane’: De Blasio allies warn against 2020 run

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio may be thinking of running for president, but many of those closest to him aren’t on board.

As de Blasio touted his liberal record in Iowa and South Carolina in recent weeks, nearly three dozen former and current aides, consultants and allies who spoke to POLITICO panned the idea or doubted that the mayor would run for the Democratic nomination. Aside from the few people working on the nascent effort, only two said de Blasio should run.

Their reasoning: Some say the 2020 field, a dozen-strong and growing, leaves no room for de Blasio, who’s long struggled to fashion a national persona comparable with past leaders of the country’s largest city, like Rudy Giuliani or Michael Bloomberg.

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Many note that he has too many glaring, unresolved problems at home. Others say the never-truly-popular de Blasio, whom a top Hillary Clinton backer once called “insufferable,” lacks charisma.

A few skeptics in de Blasio’s orbit have gone public. “I believe Bill de Blasio has 100 percent the right message; I’m just not so sure he’s the right messenger,” the mayor’s former campaign and City Hall adviser Rebecca Katz said recently on a local politics podcast.

Behind the scenes, others are more blunt.

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The idea of a de Blasio candidacy is “f—ing insane,” said one former aide, laughing out loud.

The far left mayor is also in the news right now for a crazy new program he’s implementing in NYC schools.

FOX News reports:

‘Meatless Mondays’ more important to NYC’s de Blasio than city’s looming financial crisis

In the latest case of the left’s misplaced priorities, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio kicked off the workweek touting “meatless Mondays” mandating vegetarian diets at public schools. Meanwhile, economists were sounding the alarm that the finances of the city de Blasio is supposed to be running were getting carved up.

De Blasio has no problem lecturing kids at New York’s public schools about “cutting back on meat” to save the environment. But he’s shown less interest giving up the fleet of SUVs that bring him to and from the gym. Or reducing the pork in his stewardship of the taxpayers’ finances. According to the New York Post, city spending has increased 32 percent in the de Blasio years, with an estimated $3 billion more expected in Hizzoner’s latest budget.

Why do leftists always seem to focus on school lunches?


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