Even Some Liberals Are Getting Tired Of CNN’s Jim Acosta Grandstanding At Trump Pressers

It seems like every time Trump has a presser, CNN’s Jim Acosta is still trying to ‘get’ Trump, rather than trying to ask important questions.

All he does is grandstand. He seems to think the whole world is about a competition between him and Trump.

People are sick of it, even some liberals.

Townhall reports:

Jim Acosta Still Embarrassing CNN at White House Briefings

Fake news CNN reporter Jim Acosta continues to be a blight at White House press briefings. In a crowd full of bad reporters, asking irrelevant gotcha questions at a time when our nation needs important information more than ever, Acosta stands out as the most disruptive figure at the briefings.

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He’s always been annoying. But as Americans are dying in a global pandemic, Acosta is playing politics and interrupting experts in an attempt to score political points against the president.

On Friday, Acosta interrupted Dr. Deborah Birx as she tried to explain the current focus of the administration’s efforts is to tackle the coronavirus. Dr. Birx said there will be an appropriate time later to analyze the actions of the global community and its response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Acosta interrupted the doctor, demanding to know why the president said the virus would go away and it hasn’t yet. It’s basically the same question Acosta keeps asking at every briefing. People are getting sick of it.

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Jonathan Turley is a liberal law professor. Here’s something he recently wrote about Acosta on Twitter:

Many people agree:

Acosta is an embarrassment to CNN and his profession.

Trump should stop taking his questions.


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