Evening News Shows at ABC CBS And NBC Have Given ZERO Coverage To Democrat’s Corruption Trial

The liberal media is currently obsessed with covering accusations against Alabama Republican senate candidate Roy Moore. Can you guess how much time the network news shows have given to the corruption trial of Democrat Bob Menendez? If you guessed NONE, you would be right.

News Busters reports:

Study: CNN’s Failure to Cover Democrat’s Corruption Trial

After 62 days of testimony, closing arguments and now jury deliberations, CNN has only managed to devote a paltry 36 minutes out of their 24/7 news broadcast to the corruption trial of sitting Democratic Senator Bob Menendez.

More than two-fifths of this coverage (14 minutes, 35 seconds) has been generated by one anchor: Jake Tapper, split between his weekday show The Lead and his Sunday show State of the Union. Most of CNN’s news programs, including the prime time shows Erin Burnett OutFront, Anderson Cooper 360 and CNN Tonight With Don Lemon, still haven’t covered the trial at all.

But even CNN’s lack of coverage isn’t as bad as the broadcast networks. The evening news shows of ABC, CBS and NBC have yet to cover the trial at all. Additionally, NBC’s Today has also failed to cover the trial for even a second, while ABC’s Good Morning America and CBS This Morning each ran just one story on their morning news programs (1 minute, 48 seconds and 22 seconds, respectively). Evening news coverage is more important, because on average it gets about twice the viewership of the morning shows (23 million vs 12 million for 2017).

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If Menendez was a Republican, his corruption trial would lead the news every single night. We know it and the hypocrites in the liberal media know it too.


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