Event Plays Music to Get Bill Clinton Off Stage But He Keeps on Talking (VIDEO)

Bill Clinton exit music

Bill Clinton loves to talk and as some event organizers found out this weekend, sometimes he doesn’t know when to stop. People at the Asian American Journalists Association even tried playing music to tell Bill it was time to go but he didn’t get it.

The American Mirror reports:

VIDEO: Bill Clinton won’t stop talking, music starts playing to get him off stage

The Asian American Journalists Association was done hearing from Bill Clinton.

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The former president apparently talked too long and only cuing the music would get him to leave the stage — except even that wouldn’t work.

Clinton was addressing the group’s convention in Las Vegas when the music began playing as he was trying to answer questions.

“They want me to quit,” he said as the music began blasting.

Refusing to leave the stage, he said, “I can’t hear you,” motioning to someone in the audience.

Watch the video:

Next time, stop when they play the music, Bill!

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