EXCELLENT! Howard Stern Backs Trump On National Right To Carry


Despite his outrageous radio persona, Howard Stern is sometimes a voice of common sense. He recently said that he agrees with Donald Trump that people licensed to carry a gun in one state, shouldn’t become a criminal when they enter another state.

Breitbart reported:

Howard Stern Backs Trump’s Push For National Right To Carry

On The Howard Stern Show last week, host Howard Stern questioned why concealed permit holders are only allowed to carry their guns in certain states and voiced support for Donald Trump’s plan to use national reciprocity — or national right to carry — to remove such limitations.

As gun law currently stands, states set up agreements with other states whereby permit holders from a given state can only carry a gun for self-defense in other states with whom they have reciprocity. Under this scenario, a concealed permit holder driving from St. Louis, Missouri, to Louisville, Kentucky, on I-64 would be able to carry a gun in Missouri, Indiana, and Kentucky, but his license would not be recognized in Illinois, through which he must also drive on his way to Louisville.

According to the NRA-ILA, Stern opined on such a scenario, saying, “When you think about it, somebody is a legal and responsible gun owner – let’s say in Massachusetts – why when he crosses the border is he suddenly an outlaw?”

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As we recently pointed out, now that Trump is going to be president, Second Amendment supporters are feeling some relief.


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