Liberal Writer Creates #FakeNews: Hands Out Russian Flags At CPAC, Talks Like A Russian (VIDEO)

A moron from the Huffington Post went to CPAC and made a fool of himself when he was questioned by a reporter. He started speaking in a really fake Russian accent and praising Putin.

In the video below he says:

“Nastovia! I so excited to be in Merica for Trump celebration. He great man like President Putin!Putin help picking leader for Merica because they need leader like Putin in Merica too!”

It’s so dumb. Watch it all below:

Leftists also passed out Russian flags with Trump’s name on them. HuffPo gleefully reported:

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CPAC Crowd Duped Into Waving Russian Flags During Trump Speech

A pair of progressive moles with a sense of humor were apparently responsible for a grand — although short-lived — prank at the Conservative Political Action Conference that had members proudly waving tiny banners emblazoned with the name “Trump” that were actually Russian flags.

The pranksters passed 1,000 red-white-and-blue Russian flags before Donald Trump’s speech at the conservative confab in Maryland on Friday. Audience members scooped them up and waved them enthusiastically as Trump railed against the media. He also tweeted a series of attacks earlier against the FBI, accusing it of leaking information that the White House had pressured the bureau to publicly dispute reports of contact between Trump’s aides and Russia.

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The flag tricksters identified themselves as Jason Charter and Ryan Clayton with the self-described “resistance” group Americans Take Action. They purchased tickets to the conference shortly before Trump was to take the podium and handed out the flags, Charter told The Huffington Post.

Here’s video of him handing out Russian flags:

James O’Keefe responded this way:

Such jerks!


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