FBI Faces Lawsuit From Wife Of Murdered Oregon Wildlife Refuge Occupier

Jeanette Finicum Sues FBI As Evidence Proves They Lied About Shooting Lavoy

Less than a year after he was laid to rest, after the FBI and Oregon state police ambushed the him on a lonely Oregon highway and shot him to death, his widow is fighting back with every resource available. She’s going after the FBI by suing them in court.

The NY Daily News reported:

The wife of a staunch militia leader killed by police earlier this year plans to sue the FBI and Oregon State Police, claiming her husband’s shooting death was politically motivated.

Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, one of the leaders of a heavily-armed Oregon militia that occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County for 40 days, was shot to death on Jan. 26 as he tried to flee from cops.

The bizarre standoff garnered international headlines after 26 self-described militiamen camped out at the refuge headquarters in protest over rancher land rights.

Here’s the video of the murder of Lavoy, incase you have not seen it.

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The anti-federalist Arizona rancher ended up crashing into a snow embankment after cops and FBI agents tried to pull his truck over.

As Finicum exited the car, state police officers fatally shot him. At the time, authorities claimed Finicum repeatedly reached for his pocket where he carried a firearm.

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On Friday, an attorney hired by Finicum’s widow, Jeanette, told BuzzFeed News that state police were “motivated by political reasons” and “escalated the otherwise peaceful demonstration by pursuing Finicum.”

The California-based attorney, Brian Claypool, said he expected to file civil rights lawsuits against both FBI and Oregon State Police sometime next month.

“There is now physical evidence (shell casings) that proves that two FBI agents lied during the law enforcement investigation by stating they did not fire the first shots at Finicum’s vehicle,” Claypool told the news site in a statement.

The two agents Claypool was referring to are under investigation by the Department of Justice.

Claypool is also planning on filing a lawsuit on behalf of Ryan Bundy, another militia leader who was with Finicum when he was killed.

What do you think of this story and the standoff in Oregon that led to the murder of Lavoy Finicum and the arrest of the other occupiers of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge? Leave your comments below.

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