Fill-In-The-Blank Tweets Go Viral: “Haven’t Seen Democrats This Angry (SINCE REPUBLICANS FREED THEIR SLAVES)”

Democrats are very upset by Trump’s election. They’re so upset they’re protesting at Trump Tower, even spitting on Trump staff.

And they protested Mike Pence at a showing of Hamilton in New York City.

But, it’s Democrats who have a history of racism and injustice. Democrats have a history of hurting minorities. A history of terrible things.

Conservatives have taken it upon themselves to remind the Democrats of their history through fill-in-the-blank Tweets. And they’re going viral.

Jack Posobiec has put out some of the best:

It’s all true:

Republicans passed the Civil Rights Act.

Republicans desegregated schools.

Republicans gave citizenship to Native Americans.

Republicans ended the Vietnam War (that Democrats started).

Click here for a full list of just things Republicans did over Democrat opposition.

Remember that when Democrats yell accusations: Democrats have a nasty history. A history of racism, injustice, and terror!

And Republicans are always stopping it!

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