FIRST RESULTS ARE IN: Trump Wins KY, IN; Hillary Wins VT

The major news networks have called three states already, minutes after the state polls closed.

So far, it’s:

Trump wins Indiana and Kentucky!

Hillary: Vermont

Remember when Democrats thought they had a chance in Indiana?

Three weeks ago, the Indianapolis Business Journal reported: 

Could Hillary Clinton actually overtake Donald Trump and win Indiana on Nov. 8?

Political observers have been wondering that since a poll released Friday by Monmouth University Polling Institute saw the Democratic presidential nominee pull within a four-percentage point striking distance of the Republican presidential nominee.

The poll had Trump up 45 percent to Clinton’s 41 percent among likely voters. That was within the margin of error of the poll, which surveyed 401 likely voters Oct. 11-13.

The pollsters were wrong. Hillary never had a chance in Indiana!!

Here’s an interesting county result in Indiana:

The pollsters thought Democrats had a chance in Indiana. Are they wrong in other states, too?

Yes, they are . . . We’re looking at a Trump landslide!


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