FIVE PEOPLE Who Would Make Great Replacements For Megyn Kelly On FOX News

As we mentioned yesterday, it’s now official. Megyn Kelly is leaving FOX News to take a position at NBC News. Megyn’s last FOX News show is this Friday night.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of five people who we think would make great replacements.

5. Tucker Carlson

Tucker’s new 7 PM show is doing extremely well in ratings. The show would fit in just as well in the 9 PM slot. Of course, that means the network would have to fill the 7 PM slot with someone else.

4. Eric Bolling

Eric Bolling already has a Saturday show on FOX called Cashing In which airs on Saturday mornings but he’s better known as a co-host of The Five. He frequently fills in for Bill O’Reilly so the prime time audience is already very familiar with him.

3. Tammy Bruce

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Tammy Bruce is a frequent guest on FOX News and the FOX Business Network. Maybe it’s time for her to have a show of her own. She already hosts a popular talk radio show so she knows how to run a program. Why not give her a shot?

2. Laura Ingraham

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Laura Ingraham has been a featured guest on various FOX News shows for years. She has also been a frequent guest host for Bill O’Reilly. She has a great no-nonsense style on the air.

1. Tomi Lahren

Tomi Lahren is an up and coming conservative host who currently has a show on Blaze TV. She would be a riskier choice, given her young age but lots of people like her and she might bring in younger viewers.

What do you think? Who would be on your list, one of our choices or someone else?

Let us know in a comment!


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