FIVE Reasons The Democratic Party Faces A BLEAK FUTURE


The Democratic Party probably isn’t going to disband any time soon. However, this election presents them with serious problems in the short term and into the future.

Here are five reasons why Democrats are in deep trouble.

1. The Party Has No Leader

Obama is about to enter retirement. Hillary Clinton is probably finished with politics. Who’s left? Elizabeth Warren? She only appeals to the far left. Harry Reid is retiring. Nancy Pelosi is 75. Bernie Sanders is almost 80. They’ve become a party with no leadership.

2. The Party Has No Back Bench

The last two mid term elections gave Republicans complete control of congress. As a result, there are very few up and coming Democrats to fill the void at the top of the party.

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3. The Far Left Base Has Learned Nothing

Young liberals are protesting Trump’s victory by acting like children. Last week, everyone on the left was worried that Trump supporters wouldn’t accept the election results. It turns out that it’s the left who won’t. The people who are protesting Trump by acting out violently and burning the American flag still don’t understand that they are part of the reason Trump won.

4. Working Class Voters Left The Party

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Democrats love to talk about the middle class. The truth is that Democrats thought they had a new voter coalition made up of minorities, the LGBT community, women and other identity based groups. As a result, Democrats abandoned working class voters who felt the party no longer represented them. Many of those people left the Democrats and voted for Trump.

5. The Media’s Role Has Been Exposed

Unlike any other election, 2016 exposed the media as the protectors of the Democratic Party. Instead of working for the people, the media has been exposed as the guard dogs of the Democratic Party. It has been this way for years. Now everyone sees it for what it really is. That genie is never going back into the bottle.

Some Democrats are already saying that they need to go harder left. This proves that they learned nothing from the election. America tried things their way. Most of them didn’t like it. That’s why we have President Elect Trump.

If Democrats keep trying to push the country to the left, they’ll stay in the minority.


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