FLASHBACK: Remember When Celebrities Tried To Block Trump From Becoming President?

Democrats and their friends in media and Hollywood are cheering for the deplatforming of anyone who questions the outcome of the 2020 election.

They have a very short memory.

Just about four years ago, liberal celebrities were urging Republican electors not to certify Trump’s win.

PJ Media reports:

Remember When Hollywood Said It Was ‘Patriotic’ and ‘Heroic’ to Overturn Trump’s Election?

Remember when was “sedition” was “patriotic”? When “treason” was “voting your conscience”? Or when a “coups de grace” was “support and solidarity”? It’s understandable if you don’t remember. After all, it was four long years ago in an election far, far away…

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Four years ago, the Hollywood glitterati produced a video asking Republican members of the Electoral College to ignore the voters and instead dump Donald Trump. They called the video “Unite For America” to “support the electors.”

Oddly, calling for overturning an election was not dismissed out of hand as treasonous or seditious as it is now.

Now, instead of being refused seats on swanky Harvard University committees like Representative Elise Stefanik or being “un-personed” like brilliant Harvard graduates Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Dan Crenshaw, Hollywood encouraged the electors to be “heroic” and dump Trump because it was “patriotic.”

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“The American people trust that your voice speaks for us all,” intoned one actor.

Here’s the video:

There’s no end to the double standards of the left.

They acted like blocking Trump’s presidency was a heroic thing to do.

Now anyone who objects to Biden is treated like a criminal.


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