FLASHBACK: Rolling Stone Magazine Defended Obama For Using Vulgar Language

In the last 48 hours, liberals in media – particularly at CNN and MSNBC – have gone into full freak out mode over Trump’s sh*thole comment. You would think it was the end of the world.

At CNN, they have been repeating the word, in whole on the air over and over again. They act as if it’s the first time they’ve ever heard a dirty word.

Let’s take a look back a few years and see how one liberal media outlet handled a subject like this.

Here’s what Rolling Stone said about Obama and vulgar language:

Our 44th president has a very vivid vocabulary. Obama famously called Kanye West a “jackass,” and on the audiobook version of his autobiography, Dreams From My Father, you can hear the future president mimicking an old high-school friend who evidently knew his Richard Pryor: “You know that guy ain’t shit. Sorry-ass motherfucker ain’t got nothing on me.” But it was in the pages of Rolling Stone that Obama really drew the ire of the pious, calling opponent Mitt Romney a “bullshitter.” Sometimes the dirty word is the most precise.

That’s a profoundly different approach to the topic, isn’t it? It sounds like they’re saying Obama was smart and cool for using such language. Double standard much?


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