FLASHBACK: Top Dem Protesting Trump Called For Pause In Refugees JUST TWO YEARS AGO

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York is helping lead the protests against Trump’s temporary ban on refugees but he called for something similar just two years ago. What changed?

The Hill reported in 2015:

Schumer: Refugee pause may be necessary

Sen. Charles Schumer (N.Y.), the third ranking member of the Senate Democratic leadership, on Tuesday said it may be necessary to halt the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the United States.

Republicans immediately seized on Schumer’s comment, which breaks with other Democrats who have argued against halting the program.

Schumer, however, declined to take the option off the table ahead of a special briefing scheduled for Wednesday afternoon on the process that is now used to vet refugees entering the United States.

“We’re waiting for the briefing tomorrow, a pause may be necessary. We’re going to look at it,” he said.

Schumer is widely expected to become leader of Senate Democrats in the next Congress, after Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (Nev.) retires.

Here’s Schumer in his own words:

Could it be possible that Schumer is a hypocrite who’s only protesting today because this is all about party politics?

Say it isn’t so!

Where were the protests when Schumer said this in 2015? Nowhere to be found of course!

Doesn’t this tell you everything you need to know?

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