FLASHBACK: Trump Turns Tables On Anderson Cooper, MAKES HIM REFUTE HOAX On Air


This was beautiful!

CNN thought they had Trump. They thought they had him dead to rights. They thought they had Trump in an inescapable trap.

After an event, Trump’s campaign manager was blamed for “assaulting” a female reporter Michelle Fields. Michelle Fields claimed she was thrown down. But there was video. And it showed nothing of the sort happened.

The hoaxing media rode the story for weeks. And Anderson Cooper tried to play gotcha with Trump at a town hall.

But Trump turned the tables on Anderson Cooper.

And it was beautiful. Watch:

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From the video:

Anderson Cooper: She said her story has remained exactly the same. She was knocked a little bit off – knocked off balance but she remained standing. 

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Trump: Oh, really. Can I read this to you then? [reaches in his pocket and pulls out paper] You mind if I read this to you, then? You mind if I read her statement? 

Anderson Cooper: Yes, please. 

Trump: Here’s what she said. You wanna read it or you want me to? You’re the professional announcer, why don’t you read it? The bottom part. It’s an exact quote. From her. That’s prior to seeing the cameras. And now she says, ‘I got to change my story,’ I guess. 

Anderson Cooper: This quote says, ‘I was jolted backwards. Someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down. I almost fell to the ground.’ 

LOL! Trump made Anderson Cooper read the words that disproved his case. Awesome!

H/T Cernovich


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